Shared space scheme reduces speed and injuries

11.20 | 26 March 2010 |

An award-winning shared space scheme at Ashford in Kent has led to significant reductions in vehicle speeds, according to Kent County Council (Surveyor, 12 March).

One third of Ashford ring road has been converted from a four-lane 40mph highway into a two-lane shared space area with 20mph speed restrictions.

James Watson, project manager, says: “The public’s reaction has been positive. There were no notified incidents and accidents and no personal injuries reported.

“We had a three to four lane one way system that was difficult for people to cross and which we had real problems with speeding.

“Speeds have more than halved on average. Previously we had an average of well above 40mph. Now it is far less than 25mph.”

The ground-breaking scheme – with its open road, special lighting and unusual design features – has picked up 10 industry awards.

For more information contact Phil Scrivener at Kent County Council on 01622 694013.


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