‘Silhouette’ signs could cut deaths

09.38 | 19 June 2009 |

12 ‘silhouette’ placards have been fixed to lampposts at six locations where there have been fatal accidents on a notorious Huddersfield road.

They are printed with the word ‘Think’ and are designed to act as a stark warning to drivers about the dangers of speeding. They are believed to be the first of their kind anywhere in the country.

The boards were the brainchild of cllr David Sheard who had the idea after seeing a similar initiative used on roads in France.

Cllr Sheard said: "In France they have whole families of silhouettes at points where there have been accidents. In Germany they have pictures of people who have been killed, but we felt that was a step too far.

"But it has to be something that makes people think. There are so many signs about driving carefully, we wanted to do something different."

West Yorkshire Casualty Reduction Partnership is considering rolling out the silhouette boards in other parts of the county.

For further information contact Christine Hughes on 01484 416794.

Click here to read the full Huddersfield Examiner news report.


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