Sixt launches drink drive campaign

12.00 | 18 March 2014 |

The private sector company Sixt rent a car has launched a new campaign to raise awareness of drink driving, which includes a short animated film.

The campaign includes a new section on the Sixt website which is designed to raise drink driving awareness, and the film which is entitled ‘A cocktail for disaster’.

The website includes sections on drink drive awareness and facts, and penalties for drink driving.

The animated film takes a humourous approach to describe a night out which ultimately ends in disaster. It ends with the message: ‘It’s impossible to gauge how much alcohol a person can drink before they exceed the legal limit – the best advice is not to drink alcohol at all.”

Nicholas Parry, from Sixt, said: “The aim of this campaign is to provide our customers and the wider public with a much clearer understanding of the true dangers involved with mixing alcohol with driving, as well as explaining in detail the limits, the laws, and the effects that alcohol can have on the body.”

Contact Nicholas Parry for more information.


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