South Lanarkshire Council probes driver fatigue

14.09 | 14 July 2011 |

South Lanarkshire’s road safety team has been engaging with motorists to investigate the dangers associated with driver fatigue.

The team encouraged motorists using Bothwell Hamilton Services in South Lanarkshire, to take part in a survey about driver fatigue in return for a free mug. The results of the survey will be published soon.

According to South Lanarkshire Council, driver fatigue is estimated to account for one fifth of all accidents on major roads.

Councillor John Murray, chair of the council’s road safety forum, said: “I cannot emphasise how important it is to make sure you are not tired before setting off on a journey, no matter how short the distance.

“If you are tired your reaction time, alertness, concentration and decision making, in fact all crucial driving skills, are greatly reduced. The quality of your decision making may also be affected.

“Giving away a free travel mug was a way of thanking those taking part in our survey. It can obviously be used for having a caffeinated drink if you do feel a bit tired.”

For more information contact James Davitt on 01698 453 857.


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