Sun Online features road safety film

10.15 | 9 November 2009 |

A film showing a young female driver ploughing into the back of stationary traffic because she is distracted by the antics of her passengers was featured last week in The Sun Online

The film was created as part of a young driver campaign commissioned by Road Safety for North West, which comprises Lancashire Partnership for Road Safety, Drive Safe Greater Manchester Casualty Reduction Partnership and Merseyside Road Safety Partnership.

Linda Sanderson, communications manager for Lancashire Partnership for Road Safety, said: “We have put a lot of research into young driver behaviour and messing about in cars and distractions because of the opposite sex featured highly in our findings.

"This short film illustrates exactly what the consequences of taking your eyes off the road, even for a second, can be.

“The film was very carefully shot to look as real as possible and seeded to video sharing sites in March. It has been outstandingly successful in attracting so many hits and being featured in this way by The Sun.

“We are sure the colossal exposure will boost viewings further and help spread the message: Keep Your Eyes On The Road.”

The film has also won Best Digital Innovation at the Royal Television Society Midlands Awards 2009.

Gill Roberts, chairperson of NW Road Safety GB, said: “We have incredibly talented communications experts working together across county borders, who are squeezing every penny’s worth out of tight road safety education budgets. 

“This viral film method of social marketing using the Internet is breaking new ground and proving extremely effective at carrying high impact messages to the target audience.”

Click here to watch the film, or for further information contact The Lancashire Partnership for Road Safety on 01772 534 531.


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