Telematics wins award for insurer

12.00 | 2 December 2013 |

The young driver insurer ingenie has received a 2013 Prince Michael International Road Safety Award for its “innovative use of telematics car insurance to help under-25s become safer drivers”.

Ingenie says it is “committed to making sure our community of young drivers, are the safest on the road” by “preventing crashes from happening, not just responding when they do”.

The insurer says that by using its black box technology a “fantastic 70% of our young drivers have demonstrated improvements to their driving”.

Adrian Walsh, director of the Prince Michael Awards scheme, said: "What impressed the judges most was the innovative and effective use of technology to feed-back to the young drivers."

Richard King (left in pic), founder and CEO of ingenie said: “We are thrilled to have won the Prince Michael Award – for us, it’s like winning an Oscar.

“It’s fantastic to have ingenie’s innovative approach validated by a panel of experts in the field of road safety, less than two years after we went live.

“While we are a commercial business, our ethos has always been to encourage and educate young people on how to drive more safely – and it’s all made possible by our advanced telematics technology.”

Sir Frank Williams of Williams F1 Team (right in pic), who has been working with ingenie since its inception in 2009, said: “The advanced telematics technology used by ingenie to monitor and provide feedback to young drivers is similar in principle to the telematics system we use on our Grand Prix cars. 

“A car crash changed my life so I’m passionate about smart initiatives that make our roads safer, and the statistics show novice drivers are particularly vulnerable. Congratulations to ingenie and keep up the good work.”

Click here to read the full ingenie news release.


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