THINK! launches new website with downloadable campaign resources

08.33 | 4 October 2018 | | 4 comments

The THINK! campaign has launched a new website to help support road safety education and initiatives in England and Wales.

Launched on 2 October, the new THINK! website brings together the former stakeholder, education and campaigns websites into a single platform to make it easier for people to find the information they need.

THINK! says the website provides a platform to deliver ‘digital-first activity’ – a key element in its current strategy of targeting young male drivers.

The new website, which is both mobile and tablet friendly, includes access to campaign materials – all of which are available to download.

Another prominent feature is the ‘Story of THINK!’ section – including a timeline of Government road safety campaigns.

In developing the new site THINK! worked with a range of stakeholders to identify their needs, make the site more user friendly and provide a better experience for road safety professionals.

THINK! is encouraging visitors to the new website to provide their thoughts by filling out a feedback form – which can be accessed on the website.

THINK! was established in 2000 as the Government’s designated road safety campaign.

Since then, THINK! has become recognised internationally for its ‘iconic and groundbreaking’ campaigns that have challenged dangerous behaviours on Britain’s roads.

Campaigns have evolved from encouraging the use of seat belts to tackling excessive speed, drink and drugs, and the use of mobile phones at the wheel.

In the decade that followed the conception of THINK!, road deaths in the UK reduced by 46%.



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    If I were to constructively criticise the ‘THINK’ CAMPAIGNS its because I don’t think that they go far enough. They try to put ideas into peoples minds but don’t expand enough on that thought and that leaves me and I am sure many people a bit non plus. I don’t know why that should be unless they don’t want to offend anyone.

    I would like a bit more meat on the bone please.

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    A big thumbs up!

    From what I’ve experienced so far the new website is easy to navigate, it’s packed full of information and having the resources downloadable will be extremely useful.

    Well done to the THINK! team.

    James Gibson, Leicestershire
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    I think ‘THINK!’ have produced some good campaigns over the years but as with any educational campaigns it is impossible to directly link them with any subsequent improvements and I imagine that the DFt would acknowledge that other factors will have played a part. I think the reduction in deaths quoted is being presented merely as a fact rather than a correlation.

    Hugh Jones
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    Are they saying that following its conception some 10 years ago road deaths in the UK has reduced by 46% and not that that reduction is merely coincidental? If that is the case then why have others been spending masses of money, time and effort (and apparently wasting time for nothing) on attempting to do the exact same thing in other ways.

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