TSO retains DSA contract

09.11 | 15 July 2011 |

TSO has retained the contract to publish official editions of the Driving Standards Agency’s (DSA’s) driver education and learning materials for the next three years.

TSO is the DSA’s existing official publisher partner, and won the new contract after a competitive process and will deliver DSA’s information to all road users.

Richard Dell, chief executive officer of TSO, said: "We are delighted and proud to continue our partnership with DSA, publishing the market-leading official driver education and learning materials in multiple formats. We look forward to continuing to support DSA in its mission to reduce road deaths and accidents."

Jane Phillips, DSA’s director of engagement and communication, said: “We will work with TSO to improve road safety education through expert publishing solutions.

“I’m looking forward to continuing our close partnership to support safe driving and riding for life with new content, products, formats and channels to market. It was an excellent competition, which took a very keen bid to win it.”

Click here for more information about TSO’s publications.


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