TTC launches cycling safety course

12.00 | 5 April 2013 |

TTC Road Safety Services has launched a new safety course primarily aimed at people who want to cycle to work.

The new course is in response to a survey by which found that 65% of cyclists felt less safe on the roads than they did a year ago. The survey also revealed that 72% of drivers who were interviewed said that a cyclist had behaved unsafely on the road during one or more of their car journeys over the last two years.

Nick Lloyd, director of TTC Road Safety Services, says that while these may be extreme examples they do highlight some of the stereotypical views and explain why motorists and cyclists find it difficult to co-exist safely on roads.

The new TTC course that explores the psyche of drivers and cyclists and what causes this conflict.

The course is aimed at anyone who uses their bike to commute to work or is part of a cycle to work scheme – or for companies that wish to promote the health, environmental and sustainable benefits of cycling to work.

Two types of courses are available: a theory only session and a practical client centred coaching session. As both courses are modular, these can be offered in isolation or as a complimentary package.

Chris Fossey, a senior cycling officer for Warwickshire County Council who is working in partnership with TTC, said: “Everyone found both the courses highly interactive and enjoyable but most importantly delegates were more aware of hazards such as lorry blind spots and what actions they can take to keep themselves out of danger.”

Laura Kelly, The Compass Group (National Grid) travel plan co-ordinator, whose staff recently experienced the course, said: “It has really encouraged people to cycle to work as they are now more aware of the position they should take in the road and the hazards that can occur when cycling. This in turn has led to more confident cyclists.”

For more information contact the TTC Road Safety Services team on 01952 607187, or email Nick Lloyd or Adrian Hide.


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