TyreSafe highlights solution to winter driving worries

16.03 | 3 November 2010 | | 2 comments

More than half of UK motorists feel less safe driving in the winter, yet nearly a fifth fail to make any preparation to their car to cope with the adverse conditions, according to new research commissioned by TyreSafe.

The research found that the biggest worry for drivers is that they feel more likely to have an accident in the winter as the roads feel more slippery. TyreSafe points out that by switching to winter weather tyres specifically designed to cope with cold, damp conditions, drivers can benefit from better grip and reduced stopping distances.

Stuart Jackson, TyreSafe chairman, says: "Winter weather tyres offer considerable safety improvements when driving conditions are cold or damp.

"There is a misconception that they only offer better performance in snow and ice, but this is a very outdated view. Technology has advanced significantly and modern winter weather tyres provide much better safety in a range of conditions over a substantial part of the year."

Winter weather tyres are notably better when temperatures fall below seven degrees Celsius. In these conditions standard tyres begin to harden and lose their ability to grip the road surface properly.

Tests conducted by the British Tyre Manufacturers Association found that a car braking at 60mph on a wet road at five degrees Celsius stopped five metres shorter, equivalent to more than one car length, when fitted with winter weather tyres.

Despite the significant benefits provided by these tyres, only 3% of respondents in TyreSafe’s survey said they fitted them.

Click here to read the full TyreSafe report.


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    ‘TyreSafe’ – is this a Non Governmental Organisation, or an Arms Length Quango? To quote from TyreSafe’s website:
    “TyreSafe’s activities have helped reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured each year in a tyre related accident by 30 percent”
    Details please? This appears to be a tyre industry self serving organisation supported by government.

    I would expect tyre manufacturers and M.O.T. testing stations were the defining elements of tyres and safety of same, the former active in promoting sales.

    In the bulk of the UK, it is hardly likely that the average motorist is going to swop his tyres for a winter set given the prices and likelyhood of needing them. Scandinavia and Canada, we are not. Do our Local Highway Authorities invest in specialist snow clearing equipment for a couple of inches of snow once in five years? No, nor is it likely that we should change our spark plugs when venturing from urban to motorway driving.

    The responsibility for tyres and road safety is down to the driver. Drivers who feel less safe in winter conditions, are lacking in awareness of the basic essentials. Drive according to the conditions prevailing!

    Derek Reynolds, Herts
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    Given the financial climate in the UK it’s unlikely that drivers are going to spend more money on another set of tyres if they don’t have to. It’s more likely that drivers are going to cut corners when it comes to vehilce maintenance to save money in the coming months. It would be better if we gave drivers the message that increasing following distances in wet / icy conditions and reducing speed are better ways to improve safety.

    Dave, Leeds
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