Who are your Deadly Mates?

11.19 | 10 November 2010 |

A new road safety theatre production is coming to the end of a six-week tour of North Wales, during which time it has been performed at almost 60 schools.

‘Deadly Mates’ has been produced by the Walking Forward theatre company on behalf of the North Wales Road Safety Group. It is designed to run alongside the GoSafe Deadly Mates campaign.

The multi media and bilingual production aims to raise awareness among Years 10 and 11 pupils, of the dangers associated with being passengers in cars driven by young and inexperienced drivers. It urges passengers to consider who they are getting into a car with, and reminds them that under certain ‘trigger’ situations they need to adopt self preservation strategies.

For more information, or to view the production before it finishes its current run on 19 November, contact Gavin Payne at Walking Forward on 0207 3595249.


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