1–31 December 2024
NPCC Operation Limit
Organised by National Police Chiefs Council
For the third year running, Operation Limit will see all police forces across England and Wales increasing their presence on the UK’s roads and intensifying enforcement activity with the aim of preventing deaths and serious injuries caused by people who drive while under the influence of drink or drugs.
For more details please contact virginia.ellis@westmidlands.police.uk

December 2024
National ‘drink drive’ campaign
Organised by DfT THINK! team
This campaign will seek to alter young men’s views of the risks, social unacceptability, and normalcy of drink driving, as well as challenge their idea of what it means to be a ‘drink driver’. For them drink driving can be categorised into two kinds, those with good intentions that get carried away and those that are more persistent, reckless and visibly drunk.
For more information visit the THINK! two-year strategy & campaign calendar in the RSGB members’ area

7 December 2023
20’s Plenty for Scotland conference
Organised by 20’s Plenty • Edinburgh
The conference will highlight the national 20mph limit set by Wales in September and the plans for rolling out 20mph in Scotland by 2025. It will feature implementations and results from the 20mph cities of Edinburgh and London and from Scottish Borders Council. The European Transport Safety Council will give an international perspective on 30km/h (18.5mph) limits and Public Health professionals will highlight the influence of street speeds on population health.
Click here for more information

12 December 2023 (10.00 – 14.00)
Winter Road Safety Event
Organised by Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service • Donnington Services (M1)
Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service mechanics will be on hand to check the public’s cars and other team members will provide road safety education.
For more information contact Neil Palmer by email.

12 December 2023
The Road Safety Hour: Winter Driving
Organised by ScORSA • online
Driving in the winter is very different than at other times of the year. Adverse weather and longer periods of darkness (especially after the clocks go back at the end of October) make driving more hazardous. Sometimes conditions can be extreme, as we have found out over recent winters, with prolonged periods of heavy snow and floods. Where does your organisation get it’s weather related information from?
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18 December 2023
An evaluation of the West of England e-scooter trial
Organised by Road Safety GB • Zoom
The on-going e-scooter trial in the West of England is the largest of its kind in the UK and has the highest ridership levels. It was evaluated by the University of the West of England in the latter part of 2022. This webinar will present the findings on safety, making national and international comparisons and a review of different data sets.
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