95 Alive encourages people to ‘Clunk Click’

09.36 | 11 August 2010 |

95 Alive, the North Yorkshire road safety partnership, is re-launching its ‘Click Clunk’ campaign to encourage drivers to wear seatbelts.

The campaign re-launch follows a survey of nearly 11,000 vehicles which showed that 6% of adult passengers and 4% of drivers in North Yorkshire were not wearing their seat belts.

95 Alive is working with North Yorkshire County Council RSOs, North Yorkshire Police and North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue to promote the Clunk Click message.

David Bowe, chair of 95 Alive, said: “It seems astonishing that anyone would risk not wearing a seat belt. The fact is it can save your life, there is no argument it is as simple as that.

“So many people have walked away from car crashes with slight or no injuries because they had clunk clicked and yet the results of our survey show people are dicing with death every day.”

For more information contact Janet Gleeson, 95 Alive campaign coordinator, on 01609 798304.


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