Ambitious plans next stage of efforts to transform Hackney

09.26 | 3 February 2023 | | |

Thousands of people in Hackney will enjoy less traffic and pollution, healthier travel and new liveable neighbourhoods, under new plans approved by the council.

The wide-ranging plans seek to help Hackney build on its reputation as “one of the greenest boroughs in the country”.

Among the headlines is a pledge to deliver School Streets at all primary schools in the borough – while the scheme will also be expanded to secondary schools.

The council will also introduce hundreds of new bike hangars and thousands of new electric vehicle charge points, as well as new safe cycle routes and better walking routes. 

Cycle training will be offered to 6,000 students and road safety lessons to all schools.

The council will also carry out feasibility studies on reducing traffic through road user charging – and speak to local residents and businesses in Chatsworth Road, Dalston, Hoxton, Cazenove and Stamford Hill about introducing new low traffic neighbourhoods there in 2023, 2024 and 2025. 

This will bring the proportion of the borough’s roads that are low traffic up from half to three-quarters.

Cllr Mete Coban MBE, cabinet member for environment and transport, said: “We are one of the greenest boroughs in the country – with more of us walking, cycling and taking public transport than almost any other area.

“These plans set out the next stage of our ambitions to reduce traffic and pollution; get everyone travelling healthily; and create liveable neighbourhoods that support this switch.

“Nearly all of Hackney will be low traffic; we’ll be developing options to support distance-based road user charging; there’ll be more bike and car sharing; we will create 4,000 new secure cycle parking spaces; every Hackney primary school will have a School Street and we’ll be doing everything we can to build a greener, healthier Hackney.”



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