Calderdale crowned ‘Business Champion’

08.31 | 26 October 2010 |

Calderdale Council’s focus on managing occupational road risk has led to it becoming the latest organisation to earn ‘Business Champion’ status under RoadSafe’s ‘Driving for Better Business’ campaign.

Over the past 24 months the council has implemented a new driving at work policy, and the assessment of systems and procedures embraced by the policy has resulted in this latest accolade. And the financial savings generated by improving employee road safety are being used to fund front line community services in Calderdale.

Owen Williams, chief executive, said: “We are delighted that our approach to improving the road safety of our employees and other road users has won approval from the campaign.

“We believe that all employees and contractors have a major responsibility in making the organisation a safe and healthy place in which to work.”

Visit the RoadSafe website for more information about Driving for Better Business and Calderdale Council’s approach to road safety.


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