Campaign highlights seatbelt dangers

12.00 | 20 April 2015 |

More than 1,250 vehicle occupants were found not to be wearing their seat belts in an annual two-week campaign carried out by Welsh police forces.

The South Wales, Dyfed Powys, North Wales and Gwent forces teamed up for the campaign in March 2015, which set out to raise awareness among drivers and passengers of the dangers of not wearing seatbelts.

Some 360 adults were found not to be wearing a seatbelt on the roads of South Wales, while in Dyfed-Powys 716 adults and eight children were caught. North Wales Police stopped 140 adults for not wearing a seatbelt, while in Gwent the number was 41 adults. The total number of people caught across Wales was 1,257.

During the 2014 campaign 1,524 people were found not wearing a belt – 264 in South Wales, 1069 in Dyfed-Powys, 141 in North Wales and 80 in Gwent.

Chief inspector Martyn Stone, South Wales Police, said: "Our focus is on educating drivers about the risks to themselves and others of not wearing a seatbelt and the potential harm that can be caused by passengers in the back of the car who are not strapped in.

"During this campaign eight children were found not to being wearing seatbelts, and this is eight too many. Wearing a seatbelt is the law and only takes seconds. This simple action can save lives."

It has been compulsory to wear seatbelts in the front seats of cars since 1983 and in the rear since 1991.


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