CFOA claims success with Road Safety Week

12.00 | 19 June 2014 | | 5 comments

CFOA has described UK Road Safety Week 2014 as “an unprecedented week of co-ordinated road safety awareness raising”.

UK Road Safety Week (9-15 June) was organised by the Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) with support from other road safety stakeholders including the DfT, ACPO, Road Safety GB, Brake, RoSPA, RoadSafe and TyreSafe.

The theme for the week was ‘Be Safe Out There’ and events across the country were designed to deliver targeted road safety messages for all road users, and in particular pedestrians, young drivers, cyclists and motorcyclists.

Martin Dowle, vice chair of CFOA Road Safety Executive Board, said: "From our work, locally, to engage with drivers we know that they are generally very happy to speak to us and very receptive to the road safety education we offer.

“We have strong evidence from past years’ evaluations that people actually act on our advice, and that we have the potential to make a real difference to driver behaviour.”

Chief fire officer David Etheridge, chair of CFOA’s Road Safety Executive Board, said: "We know that our services can make a significant contribution towards the government’s new road safety framework. We have unique qualities and unique people who can deliver a critical road safety message.

"After all, we have much experience of delivering safety messages to the public, we are respected and valued by all age and ethnic groups in society and we present a credible ‘role model’ that young people can aspire to.”


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    Lancashire FRS working in partnership with key road safety partners not only participated from the 9th – 15th but also both weekends either side of the week. There were over 50 events throughout Lancashire which were very well attended by the public with some excellent feedback received from all involved.

    Steve Collins
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    Here in Cheshire we delivered at least 12 road safety themed events across the County (Cheshire East, Cheshire West & Chester, Halton, Warrington), most events were delivered in partnership with local authorities and Cheshire police. The events I attended personally were well delivered and the interaction with the public was first class.
    This is Multi-Agency working at its best delivering road safety messages for the safety of the local communities all across the UK.

    Martin Dowle: Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service
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    During this week (and this week last year) in Lancashire we delivered more coordinated road safety delivery than ever before. It has not only proven to be a brilliant way to engage with other partners and the public but has also been a catalyst for ongoing road safety work across the county. We have been able to make much better use of existing resource as well as creating new ones.

    Rhiannon, Lancashire
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    Apart from this site I have seen no other mention of this week anywhere else. Perhaps my local district of Lancashire didn’t participate.

    On the matter of the advice given to motorcyclists, the material (said) that dehydration makes one sluggish and reduces response to dangers or concentration in general. Agreed – regular stops are recommended. But so does a full bladder. It’s even worse as it takes most of one’s concentration to hold it.

    Its all a matter of balance. Perhaps they could have mentioned lack of sleep or food or heat or riding too many miles in one go, or adrenalin low, or many other distractions or conditions that a motorcyclist could suffer.

    bob craven Lancs
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    What “evidence” is there that it achieves anything? I don’t know, I only ask.

    Idris Francis Fight Back With Facts Petersfield
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