Developing a digital strategy for young drivers

12.00 | 19 January 2015 |

The latest confirmed presentation for Young Driver Focus 2015 will look at how to develop an effective digital strategy to promote road safety to young drivers.

The presentation will be delivered by Ian Lancaster, chief executive officer of Twentyci.

An entrepreneur and business mentor with a marketing specialism, Ian Lancaster has built, advised and developed a number of businesses and brands including Virgin Cars, TUP and Twentyci.

Ian established Twentyci in 2006 to create an integrated online and off line data centric marketing services business. Twentyci is now an established digital, mobile and e-commerce business with a deep experience in harnessing data to connect brands associated with the property market.

Ian has a keen interest in road safety and last year he became involved in a joint-venture with FirstCar to develop the FirstCar New Driver’s Club, which will be launched at Young Driver Focus 2015.

Ian will explain that in the context of young driver education, the opportunities for digital engagement are massive and still relatively unexplored.

He will use his presentation to outline how young driver education can be digitized, and that data is the key to sustainable digital engagement.

The delegate fee for Young Driver Focus 2015 is just £75 plus VAT for Road Safety GB & Academy members, and £125 plus VAT for other attendees – click here to register to attend.

There is also an opportunity for a small number of organisations to exhibit alongside the conference, and/or to sponsor the event. For more details about this contact Richard Storrs on 07702 564422.


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