DfT seeks views on ‘Alternatives to Travel’

13.33 | 7 April 2011 |

The DfT is seeking views on ‘Alternatives to Travel’ which can reduce the need for work related travel, in order to inform the development of long term strategy.

The alternatives should reduce the need for commuting and business trips, and might include working from home, working remotely, making use of teleconferencing and video conferencing, or introducing flexible working and staggered hours to reduce travel during peak periods.

The questionnaire, ‘Alternatives to Travel: Call for Evidence’, launched on 6 April and seeks information about which alternatives to travel are already in use in the workplace. The DfT is also seeking views on why some alternatives to travel are not in use and, if this is due to particular barriers, what these are and how they could be overcome.

The DfT said it is working to encourage businesses, the public sector and individuals to think about their travel choices, by first considering whether they need to travel at all. However, the department stressed that it is not seeking to stop people travelling, but is simply encouraging individuals and businesses to use alternatives.

Responses to the DfT’s questionnaire will inform an action plan to be issued by Phillip Hammond, transport secretary, later this year. The deadline for responses is 31 May.

Click here to see the questionnaire.


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