Driver improvement courses for ‘everyday motorists’

15.50 | 5 May 2011 |

Driver improvement courses are being offered to the ‘everyday motorist’ as part of a nationwide initiative by TTC Automotive, which is being launched in Worcestershire.

The courses are being offered to the general public by popular demand from a large number of ‘satisfied customers’, according to TCC Automotive. The course fee is £39.99 with reductions for families, group bookings and learner drivers.

The courses are designed to give motorists the skills to save fuel and avoid crashes. Instructors will give an overview of potential road risks facing drivers every day, and will raise awareness about speed, fatigue, distractions, and the effects of alcohol and drugs.

Simon Baugh, TTC Automotive director, said: “We have been running our highly successful courses targeted at specific groups for a number of years. But we received so many phone calls and emails from satisfied customers, who said that the information they received at our statutory training courses should be available to everyone.

“Most of us pass our test as teenagers and then rarely again pick up the Highway Code or have a refresher course, despite driving all our lives. Many experienced drivers have told us they have learned a lot that they had forgotten or didn’t know, as road regulations change over the years.”

For more information contact Elaine Adams on 01952 505026.


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