Drivers don’t check head restraints, research says

09.42 | 28 August 2009 |

Research released last week by Brake and Direct Line says that two out of three drivers don’t know how to correctly position their head restraints, and never or rarely check them. Only one in seven drivers claimed to always check them.
Mary Williams OBE, Brake chief executive, says: “Even if drivers did regularly check their head restraint, the research shows that most drivers wouldn’t have a clue whether it was correct or not, which largely explains why they don’t bother.

“There needs to be a major awareness-raising campaign on this life-saving, simple measure we can all take. Incorrect head restraints result in death, permanent disability, and in the more minor cases excruciating back and neck pain. Yet it only takes a couple of seconds to check and adjust your restraint and those of other occupants in your vehicle.”

For further information contact Helena Houghton at Brake on 01484 559961. 


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