Drivers urged to slow amid safety concerns over children

15.31 | 19 July 2011 | | 5 comments

83% of people worry about the safety of children around their homes because of fast traffic, according to research carried out by Brake, the road safety charity, and Churchill Car Insurance.

In response to the findings Brake and Churchill are calling on drivers to slow down to speeds of 20mph or below in built up areas.

The research also revealed that 91% would like drivers to drive more slowly and carefully in their neighbourhood; 74% think more should be done to slow down traffic around schools and community facilities; 30% think children on foot in the UK are at greater risk than in most other European counties; and 70% consciously fear for their own safety when on foot from the threat of being knocked down.

Julie Townsend, campaigns director of Brake, said: “We all want to live in safe communities where everyone is able to get out and about.

“It’s time that all drivers took responsibility and slowed down to 20mph or below when driving in communities, so everyone, especially children, can enjoy their local neighbourhood safely.

“We’re also calling on local authorities to follow the lead of places like Portsmouth and put in place more widespread 20mph limits, which are a cost effective way to help make our communities safer, healthier, and more family-friendly places.”

For more information contact Ellen Booth from Brake on 01484 550067.


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    The arguments for or against are soon to be out of date as it’s the governments policy to have a 20mph speed limit in all major towns and villages, so all residential area will have a blanket speed limit by 2015. I know Blackpool have started by introducing blocks of streets to the 20 mph limit but also put very high 6inch road humps and cushions on them.. No doubt they will eventually get round to doing this in all of Blackpool [perhaps without the massive humps please].

    Lancashire county have reported in the paper that all residential areas within the county will have 20 mph limits by 2014 and with NO HUMPS or other passive devices.

    Accidents involving children and vehicles are very very rare and ones that involve a vehicle exceeding the speed limit are rarer still.

    All this is propaganda in support of this government’s decision to have these speed limits imposed. I have no doubt that other organisations will in some way add their support for such measures.

    Bob Craven, Lancs
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    Every suburban road with homes on it should be a cul-de-sac. Peterborough did it quite effectively, other locations could adapt and modify their roads.

    JimM, Aberdeen
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    I think one of your other stories says it all. 60% of motorists experience increased stress levels and heightened irritability when faced with a vehicle driving slower than the rest of the traffic, according to a survey carried out by

    Robert Bolt, Chiswell Green
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    Please sign our petition to install a new footbridge on the A20 after the tragic death of kaine may age 14

    Lynn, London
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    It’s interesting that the percentage figures are so high among those concerned. 83% are worried and 91% think traffic should slow down. I wonder if all those people were non-drivers.

    The AA many years ago also did a survey and came out with a wonderful word (Disassociation) which showed that drivers reading a do not speed advert did not class themselves as the cause of the problem. A little bit like sitting in a traffic jam, if you were not in it you would not be part of the cause of it.

    One of the most common requests we get is from residents of cul-de-sacs who complain about the speed of the traffic. There are very few people use a cul-de-sac unless you live on or are visiting people on it. Again the issue is not recognised.

    I agree with Julie that “drivers took responsibility and slowed down to 20mph” but when will all these people who claim to want to live a safer society come forward and drive slower? If the 83% and the 91% all drove at 20 mph then the rest of us would have no alternative but to slow as well. Stop expecting someone else to sort the issue, its your foot on the accelerator.

    Stuart, Rochdale
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