Driving lessons resume on 4 July

07.57 | 26 June 2020 |

Driving lessons and motorcycle training can resume in England from 4 July, the DVSA has announced.

In an effort to help ‘get the country moving again’, theory tests will also restart on 4 July, with social distancing measures in place.

Meanwhile, car driving tests will commence on 22 July, a move which the DVSA say will give learners time to have refresher lessons and practice before taking their test.

The DVSA adds it will make further announcements on the resumption of testing, training and lessons, including publishing information on how services will be restarted safely, shortly.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will all set their own rules for the return of lessons and tests.

Grant Shapps, transport secretary, said: “Driving lessons and tests are vital in helping people get to work and visit loved ones, and provide the skills for a lifetime of safe driving.

“As the country recovers from Covid-19 we can now open-up our services to help get the country moving again and I am very pleased to announce the restart of driving tests and lessons in a Covid-secure way.”

Driving lessons and tests have been suspended since March. However, there have been exceptions, with some key workers being offered both lessons and the opportunity to take an emergency test.

Gareth Llewellyn, DVSA chief executive, said: “It has been vital that lessons and tests only resume when safe to do so and in line with the Government’s advice.

“We know this has been a tough time for the whole country including learners and driving instructors but I am pleased to announce the restart of lessons and tests in England.

“Tests for critical workers have continued during the lockdown and I would like to thank all those instructors and examiners who have continued to work to help deliver tests for those who have done so much to help us during this terrible pandemic.”



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