DSA launches online video channel

09.57 | 25 September 2009 |

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) has launched a video sharing channel on YouTube to publish official road safety videos.

Nick Carter, DSA’s director of strategy & performance, said: “Using YouTube will let DSA reach a wider audience – we want to talk to our audiences on the platforms we know they use.

“By putting our videos on YouTube, we’re catering for the growing number of people whose first choice to find information is to go online.”

Visitors to the DSA channel can embed video content directly into their own websites or blogs, put it into forums, share it by email, and link to it through social networking sites such as Facebook.

The channel – youtube.com/dsagov – is being used to post road safety videos which offer advice to test candidates and other road users.

Content so far includes videos of the modular motorcycle test and the ‘Are you ready?’ films for car and motorcycle candidates. During testing, it was viewed more than 42,000 times by users.

There is also an example of the new case study questions being introduced into the theory test from 28 September.

Click here to read the full DSA news release.


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