Enterprise targets zero road accidents

12.53 | 17 March 2011 |

One of the UK’s larger employers has set itself a target of zero road accidents.

Enterprise Managed Services has already cut vehicle-related road incident claims by almost £500,000 (a 12% reduction in overall claims costs) as a result of its Road Risk Steering Committee (RRSC) which was launched in 2009.

A comprehensive programme of occupational road risk management, which involves all the company’s 13,000 employees working across 170 sites, has seen Enterprise join the Driving for Better Business campaign as a ‘business champion’.

Enterprise operates a fleet of more than 5,500 vehicles including around 4,000 commercial vehicles, 1,230 company cars and more than 400 special duty vehicles such as refuse vehicles.

Michael Parish, co-director of the Driving for Better Business campaign, said: “Enterprise has made huge strides in recent years to raise awareness of the importance of safe driving across the organisation.

“With the company being such a high profile organisation, the commitment it has made to encouraging safe driving through its various initiatives will encourage other like-minded organisations to follow its lead.”

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