EU looks to move forward with enforcement directive – despite UK

10.39 | 7 March 2011 |

The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) has urged EU transport ministers to continue with the adoption of the Cross Border Enforcement Directive, despite the UK delaying its opt-in procedure.

The main objective of the new directive is to introduce a system of exchanging information to enable road safety related traffic offences, committed by non-resident drivers, to be followed up.

The directive will ensure that the principle of fair and equal treatment will be applied to non-residents, some of whom are acting with impunity and escaping punishment while travelling abroad.

Antonio Avenoso, executive director for the ETSC, said: “The situation is less than ideal, but the council and European Parliament must carefully weigh up the EU-wide road safety benefits of the directive and adopt this legislation, thus addressing a long-standing problem of enforcing traffic laws on non-residents.”

The ETSC says the UK’s decision is regrettable, but acknowledges that the government is within its legal rights to delay opt-in.

For more information contact Mircea Steriu, ETSC communications officer.


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