Football fans reminded not to score drink drive ‘own goal’

13.20 | 3 March 2010 |

A new website has been launched giving information about how long it takes for alcohol to pass through the body, to help football fans from unwittingly risking a drink drive conviction during the 2010 World Cup.

The website is part of a new drink drive campaign, ‘Own Goal!’, launched this week by Stennik, the road safety publicity consultancy.

The 2010 World Cup promises to grab the nation’s attention this summer. Millions of people across the country will watch England’s matches in pubs and clubs and at home – and many will enjoy a drink as they do so.

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with this, it does increase the risk of normally responsible people driving after having had a couple of drinks – or driving the following morning while still over the limit.

‘Own goal’ is a simple campaign designed to remind people of this risk – people who would not normally drink and drive but may be tempted to take a risk, or find themselves unwittingly over the limit because they don’t realise how long alcohol remains in the body.

The campaign is available for road safety teams to buy into from £250 plus VAT.

Click here to visit the campaign website or contact Jo Lazar on 01379 650112 for the campaign information pack.



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