Ford adds towing safety technology to more vehicles

08.43 | 13 July 2011 |

Technology designed by Ford Motor Company, which makes towing a caravan or trailer safer, is to be included in more of the manufacturer’s vehicles.

Towing is popular with millions of European drivers, especially during the peak holiday months of July and August, but it can also pose a danger. ‘Trailer sway’, where the trailer swings from side to side and compromises vehicle control, does cause accidents.

Ford has expanded its Trailer Sway Control technology to the new Ford Focus, C-MAX and Grand C-MAX models, and will offer the technology on its upcoming redesigned Ranger and the next-generation Kuga.

Trailer Sway Control continuously monitors the ‘yaw rate’ of the vehicle and compares this to the steering angle. If swaying is detected without appropriate driver input, the vehicle is designed to react accordingly to correct the instability.

Guy Mathot, Ford of Europe, said: “For the inexperienced, towing can be a daunting experience. You have to adapt your driving technique and pay attention to your speed, but even then weather conditions or the actions of other road users can sometimes lead to trouble. For such cases we have developed Ford’s Trailer Sway Control technology to assist the driver.”

While technology provides an added layer of security, it is not a substitute for drivers displaying caution when towing. Excessive speed, poorly distributed loads and improperly inflated tyres can all influence trailer stability. Weather conditions such as slick roads and crosswinds are also factors.

For more information contact Jay Ward, Ford of Europe, on +49 221-901-8213.


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