Government launches review of driving hours rules

15.35 | 24 July 2009 |

A wide ranging consultation on the hours many van, bus and other professional drivers can work was launched last week by the DfT.

Drivers’ hours rules set daily driving and duty limits, and in some instances break and rest requirements, in order to improve road safety, promote good working conditions and ensure fair competition between operators.

The consultation published today covers the UK domestic drivers’ hours rules. As well as van and many bus drivers, these apply to refuse collection and breakdown vehicles and a range of other professional drivers. They do not apply to lorries or buses on longer routes, which come under the scope of European Union drivers’ hours rules.

Paul Clark, transport minister, said: "The domestic drivers’ hours rules affect thousands of workers across the UK so it is vital that they are effective in keeping drivers, passengers and other road users safe.

"This is a wide ranging consultation and we want to hear from as many drivers, operators and fleet managers as possible so that we can understand how the rules are working on the ground."

The consultation is part of a comprehensive review of the domestic rules and although it proposes no legislative changes the responses will be used to inform future policy decisions.

Click here to read the full DfT news release.


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