Green light for EU enforcement directive

16.28 | 18 March 2011 |

The Cross Border Enforcement Directive has received the official green light from the EU Council.

The main objective of the new directive is to introduce a system of exchanging information to enable road safety related traffic offences, committed by non-resident drivers, to be followed up.

Antonio Avenoso, European Transport Safety Council executive director, said: “We are happy that member states’ representatives took this important next step towards improving the safety of citizens across the EU.

“The formal adoption by the council of the common position on the Cross Border Enforcement Directive paves the way towards solving a long-standing issue for road safety in the EU.

“The council’s decision shows real commitment to improving road safety; despite the setback of the UK’s decision to delay its opt-in procedure.”

The council and the European Parliament will now have to reach an agreement on a common text.

For more information contact Mircea Steriu, ETSC communications officer.


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