Highways Agency campaign wins Prince Michael Award

10.36 | 9 October 2009 |

The Respect our Road Workers Campaign, developed by the Highways Agency on behalf of the Road Workers’ Safety Forum (RoWSaF), has scooped a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award.

The award was presented to the Forum in recognition of achievement and innovation which will improve road safety.

In autumn 2008 the Highways Agency launched a DVD called ‘Respect’, highlighting why drivers should have respect for road workers and the consequences of unsafe driving.

The Agency followed this up with a publicity campaign across most of England, highlighting the important role drivers play in ensuring the safety
of roadworkers and fellow road users.

Accepting the award on behalf of RoWSaF, Ginny Clarke the Highways Agency’s chief highways engineer said: “Road workers do a difficult job. This campaign encourages drivers to give them the respect and consideration they deserve for working in the environment they do.”

For more information about the campaign, visit: www.highways.gov.uk


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