Highways England releases free winter campaign resources

12.00 | 4 December 2015 |

Highways England (HE) has released its 2015/16 winter driving campaign materials which include free-to-use resources for road safety professionals and the travelling public.

Resources for road safety professionals include ready to use text, images and illustrations for websites, newsletters and email communications. The text options (click here to download) include ‘pre-winter web text’, ‘full web text’, a ‘shorter version’, and ‘shortest and quickest’ (a single paragraph). Click here to see all images and illustrations.

There is also a suite of resources for use in schools.

Resources providing information for the public include a series of posters and a leaflet.

The campaign materials cover all adverse weather conditions including snow, strong winds, fog and rain and encourage road users to: make preparations before winter and before each journey;  keep informed about weather and the traffic situation; and adjust their journey plans where necessary.  

The resources also aim to foster a greater public understanding of HE’s winter operation including how it and local authorities treat the roads.

For more information about the campaign and resources contact Mik Barton, HE campaign manager, on 0121 678 8535.


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