Junior road safety officers ready for duty

08.45 | 13 September 2010 |

THE latest recruits to South Lanarkshire’s army of junior road safety officers (JRSOs) have been learning about what the role entails.

This year 118 primary schools are involved in the scheme, and with most schools appointing two JRSOs there are now at least 236 JRSOs in the county.

The JRSOs were introduced to their role and provided with the skills that they require at an induction session.

The scheme links to the ‘Curriculum for Excellence’ for schools and the main duties of a JRSO include maintaining a notice board, running competitions, highlighting road safety campaigns and speaking at assemblies.

The road safety team came up with a number of activities on the day, such as a traffic trail, a road safety game and a notice board design and competition.

Councillor John Murray, chair of South Lanarkshire Council’s roads safety forum, said: “It was great to see how enthusiastic the young people were about their new roles and I am sure they are desperate to share their knowledge with their fellow pupils.

“I hope that by giving young people a passion for road safety at an early age we are providing them with knowledge that will last them all their life.”

For more information contact James Davitt on 01698 453 857.


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