Keltic develops new lightweight SCP sign

12.00 | 30 April 2013 |

Working in partnership with more than 100 local authorities, Keltic Clothing has developed a new lightweight School Crossing Patrol (SCP) ‘Stop’ sign.

First introduced when the SCP service was launched 60 years ago, the iconic sign has come a long way since the early wooden painted models. The current sign is highly reflective and has to meet the high standards of the SCP regulations.

Louise Bennett, of Keltic Clothing, said: “Despite all the development, signs are still a touchy subject for the UK’s 4,000 SCPs, who not only have to patrol with the rather cumbersome objects in all weathers, but also have to carry them to and from work.

“For these reasons, two years ago we set out on a mission to improve the existing sign.

“We had no idea it would take so long, or be so difficult, but with the help of virtually every local authority in the UK, we think we’re finally there. A key factor is the extensive trialling we have undertaken over a period of 18 months.”

The new sign, which is manufactured from recycled material, comes with a specially designed padded carry bag to help protect it from damage.

Andrena Hadley, SCP supervisor at Sandwell Council, said: “The weight of signs has always been an issue. My patrols are happy that the new sign is lighter and also commented that, despite being lighter in weight, the sign actually feels more robust and stable in the wind.

“My patrols loved the fact that the two pieces of the sign lock together with a clip, which make it less of a fiddle to carry and helps protect the sign as the parts won’t bang together in the car.”

Sam Majid, Birmingham Council, said: “We love the idea of the longer handle grip. A longer grip makes it a lot more comfortable for our patrols to hold and stops their arms from aching.”

The new sign will be available from around mid-May. For more information contact Louise Bennett on 08450 66 66 99.


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