London’s motorcyclists to protest over safety, security and ‘economic fairness’

10.08 | 27 March 2018 | | 3 comments

Motorcyclists in London are taking to the Capital’s streets this afternoon (27 March) over concerns they are being marginalised by TfL and the mayor of London.

The protest (4.30-5.30pm) has been organised by the lobbying group We Ride London which says that TfL is ignoring the positive contribution powered two-wheelers (PTWs) make to  reduce congestion and pollution.

We Ride London hopes the rally will raise awareness of three ‘key’ areas, including safety.

We Ride London is calling for TfL to end schemes that narrow roads to accommodate painted cycle lanes – such as the Cycle Superhighways. The group also wants consistency when it comes to the use of bus lanes for PTWs.

The issue of security is also being highlighted. 16,000 motorcycles and scooters were stolen in London last year and We Ride London is calling for extra parking bays and harsher sentences for motorcycle thieves.

Ahead of the introduction of the new Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) charge, We Ride London is also asking that motorcyclists pay a lower tariff than drivers, who will be charged £12.50 per day.

The rally, which begins at Parliament Square is being supported by the presenter, travel writer and actor Charley Boorman and Channel 5’s Matthew Wright.

Charley Boorman said: “Motorcycling in London is part of the solution for reducing congestion and pollution as much as cycling, but policy makers continue to ignore the positive benefit motorcycling brings to our Capital.

“Most people who ride in London do so because it’s cheaper and quicker than other forms of transport, and they have journeys that aren’t practical on a bicycle.

“Motorcycles and scooters take up less road space, are proven through TfL’s own studies to contribute to less than 1% of the overall pollution in London, and are more versatile than bicycles.

“Other capitals around the world recognise and embrace this; why not London?”


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    Nice to see the motorcycling fraternity taking to the roads to make a point. The sustainable transport campaigners and organisations that I know and talk to just don’t ‘get’ motorcycles as part of the solution.

    Next time We Ride London are planning something similar, perhaps we should have a protest ride-out in Cardiff in parallel?

    Pat, Wales
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    I believe that you have only have to look at what happens in other capital cities indeed in towns and cities throughout the world from 1st to 3rd world. Yes there is always going to be a problem with motorcycles but other cities accommodate them so why can’t we.

    It’s a bit short sighted on the part of this particular Mayor or is he being misled with bad advice. As I stated before, a month ago about the decision made with regards to accepting motorcycles within the framework of being part of the sustainable transport of the future it has apparently been ruled against them and maybe that’s why he made these comments in light of that bad decision.

    Let’s face it if we get rid of motorcycles we get rid of thousands of collision and other incidents involving serious or minor injuries and some 360 plus annual death rate. That will save the N.H.Service a lot of time and monies so they can then concentrate more on those injuries caused by the promotion and subsequent increases from cycling.

    Bob Craven
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    Charley Boorman said: “Most people who ride in London do so because it’s cheaper and quicker than other forms of transport, and they have journeys that aren’t practical on a bicycle.”

    There is a survey “Who Rides London?” through Motorcycle Minds which aims to identify motorcycle, scooter and moped riders who typically commute to work or study in London, to determine the typical riders’ profile and the type of bikes/scooters/mopeds travelling in these areas.

    The results will hopefully offer riders the opportunity to put forward a case for continued access to all areas in London for all Powered Two Wheelers (PTWs) and to highlight the importance that this form of transport offers.

    Results will be based on the evidence provided by riders in the survey and will be published online, on Twitter and Facebook for all to access.

    Trevor Baird
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