Members agree important changes at EGM

11.58 | 16 November 2009 |

The Road Safety GB membership agreed to two significant changes at the organisation’s Extra-ordinary General Meeting in 12 November, prior to the annual conference.

The 41 delegates who attended the meeting accepted without dissent the following two recommendations from Policy & Management Committee:

• Future Annual General Meetings will take place in conjunction with the annual conference. As such, the 2010 AGM will be held on Tuesday 16 November 2010 at Chesford Grange, near Warwick.

• The annual subscription will rise to £350 in 2010.

It was also suggested that, bearing in mind likely reductions in local authority road safety budgets in the next few years, the call for payment in spring 2010 should offer the option of one, two or three years’ membership.

For further information contact Brian Hogarth, Road Safety GB administrator, on 0033 553 2021 76


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