Minister makes ‘impassioned stand’ at Congress

15.22 | 23 March 2009 |

Road safety minister Jim Fitzpatrick MP made an impassioned stand against complacency at RoSPA’s 74th Road Safety Congress in Blackpool, February 23-25.

The Congress was described by the minister as ‘one of the key events in the road safety calendar’. This year it tackled the theme ‘what have we learnt?’ by looking at how past lessons can influence the future of road safety.

Highlights included the Driving Standards Agency’s new approach to young drivers, which is more thorough than in the past and is based on a competency framework examining capability and psychology.

New ideas being trialled include inviting the public to report dangerous drivers, and a ‘black box’ system allowing parents to see how children are driving on their own.

RoSPA’s 2010 Road Safety Congress will be held in Stratford-Upon-Avon.


23 March 2009



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