MOT proposal ‘could not come at a worse time’, says RMI

14.26 | 13 April 2011 |

The Retail Motor Industry (RMI) has voiced its concern over changes to the MOT test, hinted at by the DfT, stating that the move could compromise road safety (Fleet News).

Philip Hammond, secretary of state for transport, says that the DfT is seriously considering a reduction in the frequency of MOT testing, to four years after purchasing a new car and then every two years thereafter.

Stuart James, RMI director, said: “We understand the consumer is seeing the move as a chance to save money on their MOT bills. However, the savings of as little as £25 a year will only escalate the repair bills that will come with bi-annual testing.

“More and more evidence is being produced to show that record levels of cars and vans are failing their MOTs. Maintenance standards are slipping due to the lack of money car users currently have at their disposal. This will in turn have a knock on effect on the safety of road users. This proposal could not come at a worse time for both garage owners and road users.”

John Ball, RMI MOT chairman, added: “In 2008 the DfT produced a report on this subject, stating that such a change to the frequency of MOT testing could result in 400 extra road deaths a year.

“However, last weekend the Transport Research Laboratory, working on behalf of the DfT, sent out a report stating that a change to 4-2-2 would ‘only’ see an extra 16-30 road deaths a year. Why has there been such a change in these numbers? We need to know exactly what we are dealing with for the sake of the public’s safety. We are talking about lives being lost as a result of this move.”

Click here to read the full Fleet News report.


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