Online road safety tools made available for primary school children

11.53 | 28 May 2020 |

The Safer Essex Roads Partnership (SERP) has developed a suite of free online road safety tools for reception and Year 5 students to complete while learning from home.

The online resources, which can be downloaded via the SERP website, aim to help students make the right decisions when out and about by the roads.

They are designed to be as interactive as possible – and cover issues such as crossing the road, wearing headphones and vehicle blind spots.

SERP is happy for other local authorities to promote the resources in their area.

Nicola Foster, chairman of SERP, said: “This has been a challenging and unsettling time for us all and I know that parents have been worrying about their children missing out on their education by not being at school. It is also a time when parents are trying to keep their children occupied and stimulated.

“These online resources have been designed to be as interactive as possible, with many opportunities to answer questions and think about staying safe near the road. 

“They offer an opportunity for family members to engage with each other when they go out walking and doing their daily exercise.”



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