Part-worn tyres are only ‘part safe’ – TyreSafe

10.16 | 7 June 2018 | | 3 comments

TyreSafe has launched a new video campaign, highlighting the dangers of using part-worn tyres.

More than five million part-worn tyres are sold to UK motorists each year and TyreSafe says investigations show as many as 94% do not comply with current regulations, while 58% have safety-related defects.

The new video centres around a spoof tyre selling company, called ‘Fit and Hope’, who are visited by a number of customers looking for part-worn tyres.

The customers are enticed by the low prices – before it is revealed that the tyres have faults or defects.

The salesman explains how the tyres are unsafe – and could be responsible for a collision – forcing the customers to change their minds about the purchase.

All the tyres featured in the video were bought from part worn retailers or seized during joint investigations carried out by TyreSafe and Trading Standards.

While the sale of part-worn tyres is legal in the UK, TyreSafe strongly recommends that motorists buy new tyres. TyreSafe urges those that do buy part-worn tyres to make sure they meet legal requirements.

Stuart Jackson, TyreSafe chairman, said: “Unfortunately, each time TyreSafe carries out an investigation to monitor how part worn tyres are sold in different regions of the UK, the findings remain worryingly similar.

“Part worns are regularly being sold by retailers who, at best, do not fully understand their obligations under the law, or, at worst have little concern for the safety of those buying their tyres.

“All too often part worn means part safe, so TyreSafe recommends you don’t fit them and hope but buy new tyres as you can be sure of their safety.”


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    Unless a car has literally just rolled off the production line or the forecourt of the local tyre dealer, technically all the vehicles on the road are inevitably running on part worn tyres of varying tread depth and condition anyway. It’s who’s behind the wheel that really matters, not the condition of the tyres. Road safety messages have to be in proportion to the actual risk.

    Hugh Jones
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    Good tyres are a good investment and buy new if you can. However if money is really that tight and you do need to buy used tyres then a few tips: Go through the stock in your size, choose a premium brand, check closely for tread depth and that it is even all over, make a close visual inspection of the whole tyre including side walls and as much of the inside as you can, feel the inner lining checking for any irregularities. If the seller won’t let you do all those things before you buy, walk away.

    Pat, Wales
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    When I’m out and about, the condition of the tyres on all the other vehicles I’m sharing the road with are the least of my worries – I’m more concerned with the degree of ‘part safe’ of the other wheeled road users.

    It’s a well-made advert though and the technique of ‘jeopardy punchlines’ used to illustrate road safety messages could also be used to highlight the more real dangers of other unsafe practices on the roads.

    Hugh Jones
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