Partners launch quad bike safety campaign

12.00 | 7 July 2014 |

South Lanarkshire Council and Police Scotland have joined forces to promote the safe use of quad bikes, trail bikes and other similar petrol-powered vehicles.

The campaign explains that it is illegal to ride any petrol-driven machine on the road without a driving licence, road tax and insurance. It also stresses the importance of maintenance and suitable clothing, and gives advice on where to ride these vehicles. Posters are being sent to schools across South Lanarkshire and displayed at various locations across the district.

Pupils from Larkhall Academy attended the launch of the campaign because there have been problems in that area with young people riding off-road vehicles without the correct licence, tax or insurance. Earlier this year a 19-year-old man was killed in Larkhall following a collision between an off-road bike and a car.

Councillor Graham Simpson, chair of South Lanarkshire Council’s Road Safety Forum, said: “When used safely and in the correct environments quad bikes and trail bikes can be fun. It is when people drive them on roads, parks or public areas without adhering to the law or public safety that issues arise.

“The main aim of the campaign is to raise awareness and we will continue to do this, by targeting our young people across South Lanarkshire.”

Inspector Louise Skelton, of Police Scotland Q Division, said: “This joint initiative is a great example of partnership working and both organisations using their experience and knowledge to tackle a problem which needs to be taken very seriously.”


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