Police video urges cyclists to wear reflective gear

12.00 | 2 December 2016 | | 3 comments

Derbyshire Police has released a short video highlighting the importance of cyclists wearing reflective gear during the winter months.

Published on 22 November to mark Road Safety Week, the clip shows two takes of a cyclist riding along a poorly lit road, and is filmed from the perspective of a car travelling on the same route.

In one take, the cyclist is wearing a highly reflective jersey, while in the other the cyclist is not wearing any reflective clothing or equipment, including bike lights.

The video asks viewers how long it takes for them to spot the cyclist wearing reflective gear, compared to the one who isn’t.

Chief inspector Andy Palmer, head of Derbyshire Constabulary’s roads policing unit, said: “The video highlights just how important it is for cyclists to make sure they can be quickly and easily seen by other road users.

“The cyclist who is not wearing any reflective gear is almost invisible until the car is right behind him, whereas the cyclist with the jersey can be seen immediately.

“Many cyclists take great pride in their bikes, and we want to encourage them to treat their own safety as seriously and invest in proper reflective equipment.”




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    Apart from the rear lights and the reflective wheels I have never before seen a totally and I mean a totally reflective jacket. Not to be confused with day-glo, with illuminating stripes of course and one which is more likely the jacket that would be worn.

    Bob Craven Lancs
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    3 people disagreed with the absolute indefensible stupidity of a man and the extreme danger that he put his kids into. I can’t believe that. Has the world gone nuts or something? Perhaps rather than just tick a box they may come forward and say something in defence of their response.

    Bob Craven Lancs
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    Can’t agree more. There are too many idiots out there in these dark days that show absolutely no illumination at all. They are not only a danger to themselves but dangerous and totally inconsiderate to others.

    Just yesterday it was pitch black and I stopped at the end of my street and it’s a good job did and I looked. There, passing me and only 2 feet away from the front of my car was a man on a bike with two kids also on bikes. A boy about 9 years old and a girl maybe younger about 7 years of age. They rode past me and not one had any form of illumination at all.

    What a stupid man, a stupid parent. What message is he giving to his kids and if he continues in this way they may not see their next birthday.

    Bob Craven Lancs
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