Poll shows motorcycling is on the rise

05.45 | 21 July 2010 | | 5 comments

A poll by the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) has found that motorcycle use is on the rise, with more than 60% of riders saying that their overall bike usage has gone up in the past 12 months.

The poll found that 78% of the 5,717 respondents owned both a motorbike and a car. 88% use their bike for leisure at some point, with one third using the bike purely for recreational riding.

Neil Greig, IAM director of policy and research, said: “Most of the increase appears to be in riding for pleasure, so is unlikely to be a short-term, recession-linked trend: only a tiny proportion of bikers are using their machine exclusively for business or commuting.”

The poll also found that more than 90% of respondents felt that motorcyclists should be allowed in bus lanes in towns and cities.

Neil Greig added: “Feelings are running high on access to bus lanes for bikers after a successful experiment in London recently, so it comes as no surprise that there has been such positive feedback from the riders.”

The current state of roads was also a key issue with respondents, with almost half believing that any available public money should be spent on better roads and infrastructure.

For more information contact the IAM press office on 020 8996 9777.


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    Sorry to be something of a fatalist but North Yorks have seen an increase of deaths by motorcyclists and it’s only August. So fine weather will play its part in getting more motorcyclists out there and with that comes a larger number of casualties.

    I wonder if in the accident stats there is a tick box that would indicate if the deceased or injured motorcyclist had undertaken any further training either with IAM Rospa or other or indeed track days. I wonder?

    bob craven Lancs
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    Further to my last post. It doesn’t surprise me that there is seen to be an increase in motorcycle useage. We have enjoyed one of the best springs since 2006. April,May and June were all good and dry [as can be seen with the low reservoirs]. However July and August are now the wet months and many social/pleasure riders will be put off getting their bikes out on wet and rainy Sundays.

    AS most social/pleasure riders ride out on Sundays its going to be only natural that more accidents happen on that day alone.

    bob craven Lancs
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    I cannot agree more with Roy. I visit many shops locally and see older men [ 30 plus] being sold powerfull sports or street machines and wonder sometimes about their ability to control such a beast. I have not once seen or heard of any advice or information being given about training, at point of sale, which might, in my opinion, be a good thing.
    I dont expect a prospective purchaser to admit to being inexperienced but having been given something in writing about local availability of training, costings etc they may consider it at some point later. surely this wouldnt be amiss.

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    Like Mark, I welcome this news but I am a little bit concerned that the bulk of the increase is in the riding for leisure section. This is the racing leather clad, sports bike rider who tries to emulate Valentino Rossi at weekends. Nothing wrong with that per se, but they are often the ones who disproportionately add to the casualty figures and generally do not attend post-test training courses. However, that may not happen so let’s be positive and welcome the news with good grace.

    Roy Buchanan Sutton
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    It’s good news that motorcycle use is on the rise. I really do hope that more riders avail themselves of the excellent skills and development opportunities that are available through the IAM, RoSPA, Bikesafe, ERS etc. Relatively few motorcyclists take advantage of post-test rider development opportunities.

    I really do hope that there will not be a corrosponding rise in rider casualties.

    Mark – Wiltshire
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