Review of cycle laws ‘masks failure to tackle wider road safety review’

12.32 | 13 August 2018 | | 4 comments

Image: Cycling UK

Cycling UK has renewed its criticism of the Government – suggesting the review of cycle laws announced on 12 August fails to delivers on a wider road safety review promised in 2014.

The Government consultation will look at whether a new offence equivalent to causing death by careless or dangerous driving should be introduced for dangerous cyclists.

At the same time, the DfT announced that it will look at updating parts of the Highway Code, including measures to counter the dangerous practice of ‘close passing’ – and that it has commissioned the Cycle Proofing Working Group to develop national guidance and best practice for cycling and walking infrastructure.

However, Cycling UK describes the plans as ‘merely tinkering around the edges of a desperately-needed full road safety review’ – something which was ‘promised’ four years ago.

Duncan Dollimore, Cycling UK’s head of campaigns, said: “We need a full review – something promised by the Government in 2014 – because the way the justice system deals with mistakes, carelessness, recklessness and deliberately dangerous behaviour by all road users hasn’t been fit for purpose for years.”

Cycling UK also says that cyclists and pedestrians are regularly failed by the existing laws on careless and dangerous driving, with only 27% of drivers convicted of death by careless driving sent to prison for sentences, on average, of only 14 months.

Duncan Dollimore added: “Adding one or two new offences specific to cyclists would be merely tinkering around the edges.

“If the Government is serious about addressing behaviour that puts others at risk on our roads, they should grasp the opportunity to do the job properly, rather than attempt to patch up an area of legislation that’s simply not working.”



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    Does one forget the about £1000.000.000 already supplied and spent that has been given for the purposes and benefit of making cycling increasingly viable as a green form of transport. That was monies from the government or its subsidiary organisations and charities but does not include all the monies some of which came from the local authorities putting into the pot.

    If you don’t believe me just go into the archives and start counting. Its all there as most of it is recorded in previous threads on this website.

    It appears that the monies stopped or slowed some 2/3 years ago so people have short memories.

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    Previous “expectations” do not come from having a Labour government, but what is expected in a decent society that values its pedestrians and cyclists as much as people in cars. Cycle activists look around the world and see administrations of various political colours all recognising those same values and providing protection and facilities to road users who are vulnerable.

    You whinge about a minimal amount of cash being spent on cycling yet ignore the billions spent on motorway and other infrastructure that cyclists are specifically excluded from with not even a nod to their existence by means of parallel cycleways.

    Rod King, Lymm
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    @pat, Wales. You’ve just posted a whinging comment whilst accusing others of whinging.

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    In 2014 we had a coalition government under Mr Cameron. We don’t have a coalition government any more and have a rather different administration. We know there is usually a difference in Roads/transport policy emphasis between Labour and Conservative, so why not also expect a difference between coalition government and Conservatives?

    I think the whinging, sorry campaigning, from the cycling activists is because they are seeing that change of emphasis and that means their previous expectations may no longer be likely to be fulfilled.

    If motorcyclists, motorcycle safety and motorcycle road space policy receives half of the cash and attention that cycling has already received, we would be well happy.

    Pat, Wales
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