Riders urged to avoid ‘red card offences’ during the Euros

11.50 | 11 June 2024 |

The National Young Rider Forum is kicking off UEFA EURO 2024 with some friendly advice for young riders, in the form of four infographics highlighting potential ‘red card offences’.

With England and Scotland playing in the tournament, there will be plenty of chances to watch the games at live events in towns and cities.

The NYRF campaign is focusing on four criminal offences that riders could fall foul of, which may lead to serious consequences.

It issues a reminder that riding a motorcycle when impaired by drink or drugs is a criminal offence and that the penalty is an automatic ban from riding, fine and disqualification for at least 12 months.

The second two messages are about how to ride and comply with traffic signals and signs, namely red signals at traffic lights (including pedestrian crossings) and ‘keep left’ bollards.

The NYRF has launched the campaign to also coincide with the NPCC two-wheel campaign (which involves police forces across the UK from 3-16 June).

It says that together, the aim is for riders to make the right choices to ensure they keep on the right side of the law and do not suffer penalties.

The infographics will be released weekly to coincide with key games involving England and Scotland.



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