Road safety event coincides with opening of Planes 2

12.00 | 11 August 2014 |

Firefighters from Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service (MFRS) staged an all-day road safety event to coincide with the opening of the film Disney’s Planes 2: Fire and Rescue at ODEON Liverpool on 8 August.

Staff from ODEON Liverpool participated in the event and safety messages were also shown ahead of screenings of the film. The event also included a car rescue demonstration where the public had the opportunity to see the equipment used by MFRS.

Ben Ryder, MFRS district manager for Liverpool, said: "This was an eye-opening experience for the public which not only illustrated the equipment firefighters use in Merseyside but also showed the impact that collisions on the roads can have.

“We rescue more people from crashes on the roads in Merseyside than we do from fires in the home and we want to drive down the number of people injured as well as the number of crashes.”

The event was part of a summer road safety campaign by the MFRS which is targeting cyclists, pedestrians, motorcyclists and drivers.

Cyclists are being urged to wear high-visibility clothing and a helmet to reduce head injuries; pedestrians are being advised to “look out, listen and be aware”; motorcyclists are advised to ensure they stay hydrated as dehydration can affect concentration and reaction times; and drivers are advised “not to get distracted while driving”, and not to use a mobile to text or call.


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