Road Safety Foundation picks up Prince’s Premier Award

12.53 | 10 December 2010 |

The Prince Michael International Road Safety Premier Award 2010 has been presented to the Road Safety Foundation for its significant role in establishing a respected, systematic method of assessing roads and helping authorities increase road safety.

The Royal Awards recognise achievements in road safety and are presented annually to outstanding examples of innovation across the world. The 2010 Awards were presented at a ceremony at The Savoy in London on 9 December.

The Road Safety Foundation was Britain’s first non-governmental organisation to promote road safety management as a single system focusing on roads, vehicles and driver behaviour together.

The Foundation is also the organisation behind the award-winning European Road Assessment Programme (EuroRAP). Through EuroRAP, it produced the first map of deaths and serious injuries by UK parliamentary constituency. This gives UK authorities clear information on problems in their networks and makes every MP aware of the risks in their area.

The Foundation’s International Roads Assessment Programme (iRAP), which has been developed from EuroRAP, maps road risk for states and nations and may play a significant role in the Decade of Action for Road Safety.

Click here for more information about the Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards.


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