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11.22 | 22 July 2009 |

Road Safety GB is asking road safety professionals for their views about the Road Safety Time Bank, in a quick and easy to complete online survey.

The Road Safety Time Bank was set up by the six 2006/7 Beacon authorities to enable road safety professionals to share their experience, knowledge and expertise.

Road Safety Time Bank members offer expertise in areas where they have most experience, and in return can ask for assistance on subjects offered by other members. The system works on a ‘no-fee basis’ – the time members receive from others is what they are asked to give back.

In October 2009, responsibility for Road Safety Time Bank passes to Road Safety GB.

Alan Kennedy, chair of Road Safety GB, says: “A great deal of time and effort has gone into setting up the Road Safety Time Bank – and going forward we want to make sure it is as useful as possible to the profession.

“By completing the survey you will be helping to shape the future of the Road Safety Time Bank.

“We have an open mind on the subject and welcome any ideas and suggestions about how to further improve the Road Safety Time Bank.”

The survey will run online until Friday 25 September. The results will then be evaluated and published in October 2009, along with suggestions as to how the Road Safety Time Bank can be further developed.

Click here to complete the online survey.


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