Safety cameras enforcing more offences in Kent & Medway

11.22 | 11 September 2009 |

The Kent & Medway Safety Camera Partnership’s camera vans will be enforcing mobile phone and seat belt offences on a permanent basis from 5 October.

Camera operators will trigger the LTI/2020 DVD camera system when they see offences being committed at camera sites, and a Notice of Intended Prosecution will be sent to the registered keeper of the vehicle. If a passenger is seen not wearing a seat belt the registered keeper will have to name the person committing the offence.

Ian Procter, chairman of the Kent & Medway Safety Camera Partnership, said: “Our camera operators witness offences other than speeding being committed at camera sites. By reducing the number of offences at these sites we hope to lower casualties even further.”

Boards have been erected at camera sites to give motorists advanced warning of the additional enforcement activity.

For more information visit the partnership website:


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