Safety tips offered to businesswomen drivers

07.54 | 30 September 2010 |

Do not drive in stiletto heels, put your handbag out of sight and always wear a seatbelt (even if pregnant). This was some of the advice offered to motorists at a recent businesswoman’s networking event.

Jo Baugh, director of TTC Automotive, stressed how busy women should take the time to drive carefully. She said: “As women who work, do the school run, do the shopping, as well as drive for work, we have to ensure we are not thinking about what we are going to cook for tea while driving down the road, sometimes with our most precious cargo – our kids.

“We have all done it, but it is time to stop and think. Driving can be potentially lethal.”

A survey showed that 80% of women drove in ‘inappropriate’ footwear, and one in 10 had a crash caused by stiletto heels stuck between the pedals. Some women even admitted to wearing flip flops or no shoes at all.

Jo Baugh also urged women to take responsibility for their own vehicle by checking tyre pressures, oil and fluid levels and vehicle lights.

For more information contact TTC Automotive on 0333 8000 222 or click here to visit their website.


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